"It's not the tragedies that define our lives, but the choices we make to face them"

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Updating, innovation and attention to details: we work according to high quality standards, producing biomedical products able to comply with the strictest and most stringent standards.

To ensure the health and safety of patients and professionals, Delta Med's quality concept involves all aspects: not only the development and manufacture of medical devices, but also the services offered to customers and the working environment in which we operate.

Companies, agencies and partners choose us every day for the competitive advantages we can offer them:

  • daily tests, analysis and verification by our internal laboratory
  • assembly and packaging in a controlled contamination environment
  • robotic production and compliance with hygiene standards
  • problem solving skills, listening and effective planning of strategies
  • efficient and rapid logistics organization
  • marketing and sales network constantly in contact with our customers

We also guarantee the application of all the measures and precautions necessary to ensure the safety at work of our employees. Putting them in the position to operate at their best, in a healthy and comfortable environment, allows us not only to valorize their work but also their person.