BEL urodynamic catheters are characterized by two categories: rectal and urethral catheters.

  • Rectal catheters are sterile and disposable devices, with PVC or Pebax tube, with a balloon placed on the tip, and are inserted in the rectal tract of the patient in order to measure rectal pressure during cystomanometry, urethrocistomanometry, and during the flow pressure study.

Rectal catheters can be with 1 or 2 lumens, with a tip balloon of different sizes and material (natural latex or silicone or PVC).

  • Bladder-urethral catheters are sterile and disposable devices, with PVC tube of various hardness, which are placed in the bladder and/or urethra, bythe external urethral meatus, through the urethral lumen, and their function is: bladder emptyng, bladder filling, bladder pressure detection, urethral pressure detection.

These catheters, depending on their characteristics (number of lumens, position of the lateral holes or the terminal hole, size) can perform one or more of these functions, both sequentially and simultaneously.