"It's not the tragedies that define our lives, but the choices we make to face them"

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Sterile accessories

  • Camera protection covers
  • Protective covers with elastic
  • Sleeve covers for waterproof arm protection

Non sterile accessories

  • Riunit covers (waterproof light blue slip-on armrest cover, backrest cover and seat cover with elastic)
  • Bed covers (waterproof bed sheet, pillow case and bed cover with elastic)
  • Stretcher sheet (with/without elastic)
  • Arm drape for bed protection, in TNT waterproof
  • Cleaner glove
  • Pre-soaped cleaner glove with gel
  • Bib with pocket
  • Proctology short
  • Welcome kit
  • Holter pockets
  • Non-skid safety mats in roll
  • Headgear of various models
  • Surgical masks