Standard intravenous PUR (Polyurethane) and FEP (Teflon) Delta Med catheters are developed and manufactured by highly skilled technicians to ensure safe and quality products.

The DELTA VEN ® (FEP) and NEO DELTA VEN ® (PUR) models are traditional cannula needles available in the following versions:

 - 2 way
 - mono way with fixing wings
 - mono way without fixing lugs
 - available in sizes from Gauge 14G to 26G

In particular, the use of PUR (Polyurethane) allows to obtain high performances in terms of:

 - compatibility with drugs
 - biocompatibility for a long stay in the vein
 - flexibility for easy adaptation to the vein
 - elasticity for the rapid return of the catheter to its original shape

The smooth and soft surface reduces the risk of thrombosis and phlebitis for the patient.