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Delta Med closed suction systems allow the removal of secretions from the upper respiratory tract without having to open the ventilation circuit.

The complete range for the bronchoaspiration of the patient in intensive care allows to maintain the PEEP during the suction maneuver, decreasing the arterial desaturation and the cerebral deoxygenation.

The transparent chamber ensures the control of the bronchial secretion by aspiration, while the atraumatic catheter tip reduces the risk of lesion of mucous membranes during procedures.

The system is equipped with:
 - double swivel connector
 - suction valve with locking system

In this way it is guaranteed a correct washing of the catheter tip at the end of the maneuvre and the displacement of the ventilation line during all the maneuvres of assistance to the patient (in all the models for adults and children, in various sizes and calibres).

Closed suction system can be used for up to 24 hours and are available in both tracheal and endotracheal versions.

These devices can be purchased exclusively through dedicated offers after commercial contact (these are not products in the catalog/pricelist).