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Set 10, 2021

The RaPeVA protocol for PICC implantation

For the implantation of a PICC, the choice of side and vein represent an important step for an effective procedure that can reduce the risk of complications.

As also highlighted in the second point of the SIP protocol (which we talked about in this article), the ultrasound exploration of all the veins of the arms and neck is a step to always keep in mind.

A thorough ultrasound exploration of both arms, therefore, is critical to determining the most appropriate position for catheter insertion. Let's see, below, some information about the RaPeVA (Rapid Peripheral Vein Assessment) protocol.

The RaPeVA (Rapid Peripheral Vein Assessment) protocol

RaPeVA is a defined and systematic protocol for the examination of arm veins and the supraclavicular/subclavicular area, useful for choosing the side, vein and level, before PICC implantation.

The use of ultrasound allows evaluation of the optimal venipuncture site by assessing caliber and collapsibility, depth, patency and anatomic relationships with sensitive structures.

The rapid bilateral ultrasound assessment of the peripheral vascular heritage (RaPeVA) must therefore consider:

  • cephalic vein and brachial veins at the elbow;
  • basilic vein and brachial vascular bundle;
  • cephalic vein (axillary vein graft);
  • axillary vein in subclavicular area;
  • subclavian vein and jugular vein.

For further details, with the use of images, see the presentation RaPeVA and PICC implantation, by Mauro Pittiruti.

PICC insertion: effective devices, for safer procedures

The PICC range made by Delta Med is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, both for the patient and the healthcare professional.

Made of latest generation polyurethane, all catheters are available

  • in different sizes and calibers;
  • in single-, double- and triple-lumen versions;
  • in standard or more complete compositions.

Delta Med PICCs allow to reduce primary and secondary complications, ensuring infusion with high-pressure therapies (300 PSI) for long periods, high biocompatibility and biostability.

The composition with ECG cable and device is also available in all sets.

Do you want to have more details on the characteristics of our PICCs and on the possible configurations? Contact us today to get all the information you need from one of our professionals.


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