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Ott 15, 2021

Post-Covid pulmonary rehabilitation

Covid-19 infection, in its most acute forms, can take even a long time before a normal recovery of lung elasticity by the patient.

Interstitial pneumonia caused by the virus, in fact, can be very debilitating and have even medium-long term consequences, especially for those who have spent several days in assisted mechanical ventilation.

Therefore, pulmonary rehabilitation becomes an aspect not to be underestimated, in order to get back to breathing with full lungs as soon as possible. Let's see, in this article, why it is important and which tools can help in the rehabilitation process.

Post-Covid pulmonary rehabilitation: why it is important

Respiratory rehabilitation in post-Covid patients is particularly effective in recovering the lung elasticity that the person had before the disease, ensuring optimal respiratory volumes and flows.

In fact, the problems that can be encountered following the infection most often concern the respiratory system. Respiratory difficulties can be found both in those who have had moderate symptoms, but also and especially in those who have been hospitalized in intensive care. After a period - more or less long - of invasive assisted ventilation (via an endotracheal tube connected to a mechanical ventilator) there is a tendency to lose or at least reduce the automatism of the respiratory act.

This means that the functionality of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, which are fundamental for spontaneous breathing, is reduced. So, the damage to the lungs can be noticeable for several months, depending on the individual case.

This is why a pulmonary rehabilitation program can make the difference, for the recovery of a correct use of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles of the rib cage. Elements capable of ensuring better alveolar ventilation and good oxygenation.

Post-Covid pulmonary rehabilitation with Spiro-Ball and TRI-BALL®

The spirometer is a tool that allows to optimize the patient's physical condition and recover several functions.

By increasing inspiratory and expiratory excursions, in fact, incentive spirometry can improve a person's quality of life by working on several objectives:

  • educate the patient on ventilation control;
  • mobilization of lung volumes;
  • favor the improvement of bronchial clearence;
  • visualization of ventilatory work.

The Spiro-Ball and TRI-BALL® models are inspiratory spirometers produced by Leventon and also available in the Delta Med catalogue:

  • Spiro-Ball (volume): system consisting of a spout, an aspiration tube and a structure containing three movable elements: a flow indication sphere, a piston for measuring the aspirated volume and an indicator of the target to be reached;
  • TRI-BALL® (flow): unlike other breathing exercises, it has a tray in which to store the mouthpiece properly washed after each use. The opening at the bottom of the tray allows the mouthpiece to drip completely, for total protection. TRI-BALL® does not spread particles harmful to health.

If you are interested in learning more about Spiro-Ball and TRI-BALL® spirometers, contact us without obligation: you will receive all the information you need from one of our professionals.


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