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Giu 24, 2022

Peripheral arterial catheter stabilization

Peripheral arterial catheters allow continuous monitoring of blood pressure and rapid blood sampling.

Widely used in intensive care units for hemodynamic monitoring, the use of these devices is generally considered safe, without serious complications.

However, although only 25% of implanted catheters are actually subject to complications, all of these complications result from inadequate stabilization of the device. Let's see more details about the most effective catheter stabilization.

The study on peripheral arterial catheter stabilization systems

The study, "Dressings and Securement Devices of Peripheral Arterial Catheters in Intensive Care Units and Operating Theaters: A Systematic Review"1 conducted by nurses from hospitals in Caserta, Salerno, Trieste, and Rome, is a systematic review of the literature on the topic of the efficacy and characteristics of dressings and securement devices for peripheral arterial catheter stabilization.

In detail, MEDLINE, CINAHL, Cochrane, EMBASE, and OvidSP databases were examined, and 626 articles were referred, of which 5 were directly related to the topic under discussion. Three studies describing peripheral arterial catheter failure and 4 about dislodgement were found.

In addition, 6 types of dressings or securement devices were described, classified into 3 categories:

  • sutureless devices;
  • adhesive tissues;
  • transparent polyurethane dressings.

According to the findings of the study, transparent polyurethane dressings offer the most effective catheter stabilization. However, adhesive tissues are considered a valid alternative.

To learn more, here you can consult the study.

Delta Med arterial catheters: Delta Long Cannula and Delta Arterial Cath

Using safe and effective arterial catheters can reduce the risk of infection or accidental puncture and simplify procedures for healthcare professionals.

Delta Med offers two different types of arterial catheters, depending on clinical needs:

  • Delta Long Cannula (from 3-4 French up to 10 cm in length);
  • Delta Arterial Cath (18 and 20 Gauge, 4.5 cm in length).

These devices can be made of FEP, for accurate and precise blood pressure measurements, or PUR, an ideal solution for radial artery cannulation.

Placement can take place with direct or Seldinger technique (while, for difficult placements, MST - Modified Seldinger Technique - can also be used).

To learn more, read this article with the advantages and features of Delta Arterial Cath or contact us here to get more information from one of our professionals.



1 Dressings and Securement Devices of Peripheral Arterial Catheters in Intensive Care Units and Operating Theaters: A Systematic Review, Francesco Gravante, Andrea Lombardi, Anna Maria Gagliardi, Antonello Pucci, Roberto Latina.


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