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Nov 26, 2021

The new triple-layer midline catheter: Delta Midline

An innovative and effective solution for short and medium term infusion therapies.

Delta Midline is an exclusive triple-layer catheter (CarbothaneTM-TecothaneTM-CarbothaneTM), which combines the flexibility and softness of a silicone midline with the resistance of a polyurethane device.

An absolute novelty in the Delta Med catalog. Let's see, in this article, characteristics and advantages of the new Delta Midline.

Characteristics of the Delta Midline catheter

Delta Midline is a cylindrical catheter that is resistant to high pressures and excellent for contrast agents infusion.

As soft and flexible as a silicone catheter, but as resistant as a polyurethane one, Delta Midline consists of:

  • TechotaneTM central body core: provides mechanical resistance to Power Injectable up to 325 psi;
  • inner and outer coatings of the catheter body in CarbothaneTM: ensure high hemo-compatibility and chemical-compatibility, increasing resistance to infusion drugs (which tend to crystallize in contact with a TechotaneTM-type polyurethane).

The CarbothaneTM coating makes the device resistant to abrasion and very stable to hydrolysis, also ensuring a lower contact with body fluids and fats.

Delta Midline catheters also soften with body temperature. This increases patient comfort and reduces the risk of potential trauma to vessels and tissues. The device, which has an open tip and is available in 3, 4 or 5 Fr versions, can also be cut distally to become a mini midline with a length of about 10 cm.

Delta Midline: kit composition and advantages

In addition to the Delta Midline catheter, the basic kit includes several components to make the insertion procedure safe, simple and effective.

In fact, the kit include:

  • 21G x 7 cm safety echogenic needle;
  • tear-away introducer 7 cm;
  • safety scalpel;
  • fixation dressing system;
  • medication for the stabilization;
  • NEUTRON® needleless connector;
  • gold-tipped guidewire 0,018''x50 cm;
  • 10 ml LL syringe;
  • Delta Midline triple-layer catheter.

The micro-introduction kit (echogenic needle and peel-away introducer) facilitates the positioning without vessel trauma. The super-soft gold-tipped guidewire maximizes echogenicity during placement by ultrasound technique.

The kit also includes a BEDAL 2 sutureless catheter fixing system and a NEUTRON® quality needleless neutral connector for the post-placement cleaning phases.

To summarize, here are the advantages of the Delta Midline triple-layer catheter:

  • smooth surface, for lower adhesion to the vessel wall;
  • same softness as silicone elastomers;
  • highier mechanic resistance than silicone;
  • high tensile and chemical resistance;
  • greater internal diameter (with the same external diameter);
  • excellent biocompatibility and thermo-sensitivity.

On request it is also possible to have a system composed by medical tablet, ultrasound and ECG (with a wide range of linear, convex and endocavitary probes, from 2 to 15 MHz).

Kits are available in Basic version (without dressing and fixation) or Advanced version (with dressing and fixation), but they can also be customized according to the needs.

Want to learn more about the new Delta Midline catheters? Contact us to receive all the information you need from one of our professionals.

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