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Set 30, 2021

GAVeCeLT 2021: PICC Day and first National Conference on PICC-ports

After the stop in 2020 due to the pandemic, the annual event organized by GAVeCeLT is back, with one more novelty.

In addition to the PICC Day, now in its 14th edition (the last one was held in Verona), the open study group "Gli Accessi Venosi Centrali a Lungo Termine" (the Long Term Central Venous Accesses) has decided to organize also the first National Conference on PICC-ports.

The GAVeCeLT 2021 event this year will take place in Bari, Italy, and will be held on November 30 and December 1. Here are more details about the program.

GAVeCeLT 2021 in Bari: the program of the event and of the pre-congress courses

Before the event, on November 30 there will be two pre-congress courses, theoretical and practical, aimed to doctors and nurses.

Specifically, the topics will be the following:

  • "Diagnosis and treatment of PICC complications": protocols for diagnosis and treatment of PICC infections (suspected or established), PICC venous thrombosis, malfunctions and dislocations (course director: Giancarlo Scoppettuolo);
  • "Tip location methodologies applied to PICCs": safe and cost-effective methods for tip location verification, such as intracavitary ECG method (conventional and modified) and ultrasound tip location methods (course director: Antonio La Greca).

On the same day, will also take place the First National Conference on PICC-ports, which will cover the indications, the insertion technique and the management of these new devices for long-term venous access, which are entering the clinical practice of our oncology units (Scientific coordinator: Mauro Pittiruti; scientific secretariat: Fabrizio Brescia and Fulvio Pinelli).

The XIV PICC Day - Annual National Conference on PICCs - will instead be held on December 1 and will provide an overview of the news of the last two years in the world of PICCs and the current state of the art regarding:

  • indications and contraindications;
  • positioning technique and complications;
  • organizational and economic aspects.

Scientific coordinators will be Mauro Pittiruti and Giancarlo Scoppettuolo. Scientific Secretariat: Pietro Dormio, Domenica Monica Garofalo, Domenico Merlicco, Marco Soldani and Mario Vigneri.

Delta Med will also be present at GAVeCeLT 2021

Both the First PICC-port Conference and the XIV PICC Day will take place in presence at the Nicolaus Hotel in Bari, but it will be possible to participate also in streaming on the gaveceltconnection.it platform.

Pre-congress courses, instead, will be available only in presence and have a limited number of participants.

GAVeCeLT 2021 is an important event for training and updating, to learn the latest news and discuss with professionals.

Delta Med will also be present at the event. It will be possible to meet our experts and learn more about our medical devices.

For more details, visit the official GAVeCeLT website or look at the Delta Med catalog here.

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