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Mag 31, 2024

Benefits of simulation for midline placement training

Ultrasound-guided placement of Midlines catheters is a standard procedure with many benefits for patients.

Even if there are some guidelines worldwide, this invasive technique is still taught at the patient’s bed and relies on mentoring in many care centers.

Because the performance of this care by novice practitioners raises ethical and quality of care issues, mainly because of its risk of complications, a study1 aimed to propose and assess a simulation-based learning method for the placement of Midlines.

Let's see, below, more details.

Midline placement training: the results of the study

The single-center prospective observational study was conducted with anesthesia residents who had no prior experience of Midline placement.

Two workshops were planned:

  • the first one consisted of a theoretical training and a simulated practical phase;
  • the second one included an assessment of theoretical memorization, a practical exercise and adherence to the training program.

The median score of the theoretical memorization was 14.6 (interquartile range [IQR]: 13.5–15.8). Midline placement time was significantly higher (Med: 12.23 min; IQR: 12.21–12.80) for novice practitioners who did not successfully complete solo Midlines placement in simulation versus novice practitioners who successfully completed solo Midlines placement in simulation (6.66 min; IQR: 5.92–8.93) (p = 0.002).

The number of attempts was significantly higher (p = 0.034) for the novice practitioners who did not successfully complete solo Midlines placement in simulation with 67% having performed three punctures, against 0% for the novice practitioners who successfully completed solo Midlines placement in simulation.

All novice practitioners found this training model efficient for learning how to place Midlines and considered it allows for reproducibility in care situations.

As reported in the study conclusions, this ultrasound-guided Midlines training on simulation is an agile and fast alternative to traditional bedside training for anesthesia novice practitioners.

To learn more, you can view the full study here.

Efficacy and safety with the Delta Midline catheter

The Midline range, designed and manufactured by Delta Med, ensures maximum efficacy and safety in procedures, reducing human error and complications.

Delta Midline is an optimal device for contrast media infusion and resistant to high pressures, and ensures:

  • high hemocompatibility and chemical-compatibility;
  • mechanical resistance to Power Injectable up to 325 psi;
  • abrasion resistance and hydrolysis stability;
  • maximum patient comfort (the catheter softens with body temperature).

The device can be cut distally until it becomes a mini Midline about 10 cm long. It also comes with a basic kit with several components to make the insertion procedure even easier and safer.

Do you want more details about Delta Med Midlines? Contact us without obligation to get all the information you need from one of our professionals.



1 Slosse C, Roche A, Hossu G, et al. Benefits of simulation for ultrasound-guided midline placement training: MC-in-Sim pilot study. The Journal of Vascular Access. 2024;0(0). doi:10.1177/11297298241239155.


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